...hello chicago...

Mikis and I feel super lucky to have some of the best friendships! One's rich with memories and love. Unfortunately, many of my (rachel's) closest girlfriends trails have lead them outside of Arizona, making reunions with them that much more special. This past weekend Mikis and I headed to Chicago with his parents to visit the other half of the fam (his brother, sister in-law and niece all live there) and to celebrate our beautiful niece Hayley's 6th birthday. Between American Girl tea parties and family dinners, Mikis and I were able to meet up with three of my besties, Cortney, Erica, and Liz. Although our trip was short lived, it was truly memorable and so good for the soul. Here are a few highlights of our fun filled weekend. These memories will have to sustain us until our next reunion, thanks for making it such a great weekend ladies!

[beautiful bday girl at american girl tea party]
[hayley with her big bday cake]

[mikis very excited about his american girl gift bag]
[our american girl of liz, creepy i know]
[my three chi town amigas]
[broken ankle can't hold liz down]
[lots of laughs at blue line]
[blue line crew]

[view from the hancock lounge]
[troyan fam in hancock lounge]
[infamous hancock spiders]
[breathtaking hancock view]
[cort, liz and i after drinks in the hancock tower]
[wetting our whistle at the southern]
[what's a night of drinks without late night pizza?]
[mother and son site seeing]
[infamous bean at millennium park]
[sights at millennium park]
[drinks at big star]
[our big star group]
[babe, put down the iphone..]
[delish eats]
[attempting to get a photo of us AND the hipster]
[big love at big star]
[see you soon chi town]



...hello world...

Well my friends, the Troyan's have joined the blogosphere. It's something I've been thinking about for awhile and after so many friends have been blogging lately (and raving about it), I decided why not give it a try. I think this is the perfect forum to chronicle the fab and mundane occurrences of our life and share them with the world. It's kind of like an electronic journal for us to look back on and remember the things that compose the beauty of our everyday life. This is the story of our love and our life. Sit back and enjoy the ride with us.

Thanks for joining!


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