...an all about hefe weekend...

This past weekend was all about El Hefe, a new bar/resturant we are opening in a few weeks in Old Town Scottsdale. We spent most of Saturday and all day Sunday working on the uniform design and purchasing specific pieces to see how they work together. Who knew shopping could be so exhausting? 

On Saturday we also met up with a friend of ours, Alicia who own's Hot Chick Aprons, to discuss the design of the waitresses aprons. Honestly, with the aprons in Alicia's hands, we know they will be perfect! We can't wait to share with you the entire uniform design, stay tuned! After our meeting, we decided to give Alicia a little tour of the bar and see the current progress.

Here are a few photos from our busy "work" weekend...

[one of our apron options]

 [front of el hefe]



...sushi and a movie...

As mentioned here, we had a rough week and were VERY ready for a fun and relaxing weekend. Last night we enjoyed a much needed date night at Blue Wasabi for some sushi and drinks. If you love sushi, it's definitely a place to try, especially during one of their happy hours where select items are half off. After dinner we headed home for a movie in. We watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, one that I have been wanting to see for awhile as I just couldn't get through the book when it was a chosen pick for book club. If you can get through some of the graphic parts and the subtitles, this movie is worth watching. We both thought it was a great mystery. Now I look back wishing I forced myself to read the book. All in all our Friday night was just what we needed.

[sushi and drinks]

Hope your weekend is off to a great start! 




Today TGIF means more to us than other weeks. Both of us have had a rough week both personally and professionally, and we couldn't be more thankful to have the week over with. Throughout the week I have been looking for music, quotes and anything else to give me inspiration or reflect on the trials and tribulations we have been facing, this song has stuck with me and uplifts me just a bit.

This weekend we will for sure we dancing out, singing out, crying out and drinking out our woes to prepare us for a new and MUCH better week. Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!



...disney comes to life...

I don't know any female who doesn't find couture gowns drool worthy. Although they aren't the most accessible or even the easiest pieces to wear, they are indeed pieces of art that I think anyone can appreciate.

While viewing all the lovely pieces that have been featured in Paris Fashion Week this week, one designer and collection has stuck in my mind, John Galliano for Christian Dior. His pieces screamed real-life Princess to me, and I felt like each voluminious piece was straight out of a Disney movie or a classic Barbie Calendar. With the gorgeous geometric silhouettes and layers upon layers of fabric, these pieces are truly one-of-a-kind and have captured my fashion heart. Here are few from this unforgettable collection...




...for the love of nutella...

There are not many people out there who don't love Nutella. Whether you slather it on toast, dip your favorite fruit in it, or top your ice cream with it, it is one delectable treat that truly is hard to top. The only downfall? The artificial flavoring, refined sugar and the 200 calories packed in just two tablespoons.

Now before you swear off Nutella forever, I have good news for you, there's a healthier version. It's raw, vegan, gluten-free and safe for people with peanut allergies. Sounds too good to be true, but this Nutella taste alike Rawtella is sprouting up everywhere and currently can be purchased here. Rawtella is made of only three ingredients: hazelnuts, cacao nibs and coconut sugar. It's less creamy than it's predecessor but is said to pack an insanely rich, chocolaty punch.

Want to try it out for yourself? Before you do, be sure to "like" them on Facebook and you'll receive 25% off.

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...keeping yourself nourished...

If you have spent more than 10 minutes with me you have probably discovered I have a bit of a moisturizing addiction. It's true, I am constantly reaching in my handbag for hand lotion, and have to reapply after every handwash. Honestly, I am a bit OCD about it. Well being in colder climates this weekend is not helping, honestly it's making me reapply more than ever! Luckily I just stumbled upon one of Real Simple's Favorite's list, and this one I swear was written for me. It lists their seven favorite nourishing hand cream's, and this Aveeno one struck me the most. Can't wait to try it! You can check out the rest of the list here.

Happy Moisturizing!



...heading to the rockies...

Today Mikis and I are making our way to the cold climate of Denver, Colorado for a weekend with friends and hopefully a few visits from family. We are saying sayonara to our beautiful mid-70's climate and hello to gloves, boots and scarves. Despite the much cooler temps, this is a weekend I have been counting down the days to. We'll be sure to share with you a recap of our trip once we return. Happy weekend everyone!
[which weather would you rather be spending your weekend in?]

[view of our snowy surroundings from the plane]

[first time wearing gloves all year]



...getting golden globe ready...

To say I have an obsession for beauty products would be an understatement. I love beauty products, am always one to try a new product, and often leave the beauty stores with a bag full of items that weren't on my shopping list. Whenever an awards show is coming up, I love reading up on how the stars are preparing for a night in the limelight. With the golden globes on Sunday, Mikis and I decided to pamper ourselves with some face masks I picked up at my last beauty store excursion. I indulged myself with the Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Mud Masque and Mikis had the Passion Peel Masque. Although both masque's were great and left our skin soft and cleansed, I think my masque won with it's delectable chocolate smell, seriously it tasted almost good enough to eat.

[enjoying a spa night in]

[milo was terrified of my mask]
Here's a little video to show how scared Milo was....

Next time your at Ulta I suggest you pick up a mask from the Montagne Jeunesse line and have a at-home spa day.



...a weekend for the girls...

This weekend is an extra special weekend for us. Not only is it a fabulously long weekend, but a weekend that only a year ago we shared with the greatest of friends enjoying the best of times. A year ago from today I was hoping onto a plane and heading to San Diego for a weekend with the girls celebrating my last official weekend as a single lady. 

Some memories from the special weekend include:
a sash fit for a pageant, being ms. trojan and men sharing way too many trojan stories with me, dancing the night away, breakfast with a view, a surprise shower, true friends letting you borrow their dress for tear control, too many stories and secrets, bathing suits tied by shoelaces, not exactly making it to the hot tub, golden globes and tapas, and much more.

Thank you ladies for an amazing trip. It truly was a weekend I will never forget, and wish I could relive on a yearly basis. Here are a few photos...



...live life for yourself...

A few years ago, a very good friend of mine Erica shared this quote with me, "Live Life For Yourself." Since then it's a quote I try to keep in the back of my head, and remind myself of often. This quote can mean many things to many people, but to me it's a reminder to life the live you want to live. Take risks, run after dreams, be the person you have always wanted to be. Many times it's easy to get stuck in the mundane and do what's safe. Live your life for yourself and not how other people tell you to. I hope this inspires you as much as it inspires me.



...starting 2011 off with a bang...

After kissing 2010 goodbye with a low-key dinner and drinks, which you can read about here, we started January 1st off with a bang! First, we woke up and enjoyed a delicious breakfast and other tasty treats at the local Farmers Market in Little Italy. Honestly, this little market is pure heaven, they have tons of vendors with anything you could want, all overlooking the beautiful Mission Bay in San Diego. Really, what's not to like?

After stuffing ourselves, we got ready and headed to Coronado for some mid-afternoon Mimosa's. They were a perfect treat to start our day of drinking. After a few Mimosa's we headed to The Waterfront and walked into an unexpected dance party. Which meant two things, 1. drink more to get to the level of our fellow patrons and 2. dance the night away. It was truly the BEST day and a perfect way to start the new year. If the rest of 2011 is anything like the first day, we are in for one fun ride! Hope your new year started off with a bang as well!

Here are some photos from our day...

[the best breakfast sandwiches]

[coconut water, makes the hangover go down]

[mimosa's, one of many]
[james and the giant peach, we didn't get along so well]

[leslie was "making it rain"]

[the end...]



...kissing 2010 goodbye...

Every year for the last 6 years(well, minus one year in between) we have celebrated New Years in San Diego, and this year was no different. We started the night's festivities off with tapas and cocktails at Glass Door, a beautiful Mediterranean Restaurant in Little Italy. Afterwards, we headed to one of our favorite San Diego bars, Craft & Commerce for a celebratory night of craft style drinks and great conversation. This was definitely one of our more mellow New Year's, but it was perfect! Here are a few photos from our night...

[starting the night with dinner]

[the very unique decor of craft & commerce]
[the cocktails are designed uniquely to your taste and preferences]

[my mojito like concoction]

[the boys and their daquri style drinks, they're honestly not as girly as they sound]

[cheers-ing to a new year]

We hope your New Years was full of friends, love and fun. Here's to a fabulous 2011!


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