...here comes baby babbitt number 2...

Mikis and I are so excited to be able to FINALLY announce our congratulations to the beautiful Babbitt family on their second baby! Can't believe it's true, but Julie and Getty shared their fabulous news with us in January, and we have been DYING to share it with the world. They are expecting a new baby to join their ever-growing family in September. Julie and Getty have been such an important part of our lives and we couldn't be happier for them, the only down-fall is they now will be many miles away so we will have to share this experience with them via email, phone and social media :).

Congrats Julie, Getty and big-sister Genevieve, we can't wait to meet the little one!

Here are a few photos of the beautiful family...

[seriously, how beautiful is this family?]

[big sister genevieve, could she be any more gorgeous?]

[baby #2, will it be a boy or a girl?]



Julie said...

Thanks Rachel and Mikis!!!! We love you guys and I will make sure to have baby bump pictures when I start showing. Luckily that is not yet :) Miss you guys!

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