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Normally, every Wednesday I blog a series of quotes that I personally find inspirational. Today, I have one quote to share that I feel a strong connection with considering my most recent career change. You see, I spent almost ten years, 10 YEARS at Westcor, so to decide it was time to change my path, it wasn't an easy decision. I felt like if I left Westcor I was going to lose my identity. With any major change like this, I think fear is definitely a factor that weighs on people, that ultimately makes them stay stationary in life. After deciding to follow my dream of being an event planner, which in turn made me leave my memories and history with a company that truly was a part of me, I felt free. People are so scared of change, but once you do take the risk and the chance, your realize there was no reason to be scared in the first place. It truly is an amazing experience. I hope my story encourages you to take make the change you have been wanting in your life!



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